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Our Manufacturing and Distribution Clients

Few businesses are as susceptible to economic fluctuations as those operating within the manufacturing industry. Fortunately, these types of businesses have a valuable resource in Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting. Our solid experience in every aspect of manufacturing accounting and tax planning makes us an ideal partner for businesses hoping to grow and become more profitable. We keep pace with current tax laws, financial trends and industry changes to help our clients save money and remain competitive in today's market.

Free Accounting Consultation for Manufacturers

We encourage you to contact us at 562-864-2341 today or request a free initial consultation through our website. We'd be happy to discuss how our accounting and tax services can save time and resources for all types of small to midsized businesses in the manufacturing industry.

The types of manufacturers we serve include:

tool and die shop accounting services

Local Shops

  • Tool and die shops
  • Machine shops
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers
apparel accounting services

Domestic Products

  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Furniture manufacturers
food manufacturers accounting services

Food Processing

  • Commercial bakeries
  • Breweries
  • Soft drink manufacturing
auto parts manufacturer accounting services

Metal Products

  • Iron and steel mills
  • Aluminum products
  • Auto parts manufacturing
auto parts manufacturer accounting services

Plastics and Glass

  • Plastics products
  • Glass products
  • And more!