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Free Industry Analysis Report

When you request a free consultation through our website, simply include the segment of the manufacturing industry your business operates in and we'll compile the Industry Analysis Report. This report itself is worth several hundred dollars but it is free to you just for requesting a consultation.

What is it?

The Industry Analysis Report delivers the income and expense averages for your industry. It includes key data like the Gross Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin and Accounts Receivable Days. See sample Industry Analysis Report >>

How do you use it?

You can use the Industry Analysis Report to see how your business compares to the industry averages and determine if your expenses need to be reduced or prices can be raised.

What else do you receive?

You will also receive general suggestions on how to improve sales, net profit, and liquidity. It also includes 17 key percentages and ratios for your industry and what your industry’s expenses are as a percent of sales.

Financial Analyzer Report (additional fee)

The Financial Analyzer Report is designed to analyze how your manufacturing business is doing financially. We use data from your company’s financial statements to show how your company compares to itself over several financial periods and how it compares to other businesses in your industry. We then compile the information into bar charts and a narrative that offers tips for improvement. See sample Financial Analyzer Report >>

Use the Financial Analyzer Report to:

1) Identify Trends in Order to Reduce Expenses

You can use the Financial Analyzer Report to to identify trends so you can find ways to reduce expenses and increase your net profit. By comparing last year’s financial statements with the current years you can clearly see which expenses have increased (for example: expenses or receivables may be too high in relation to sales). Then you can compare your expenses to your industry’s average to figure out where to cut costs.

2) Get a Loan or Line of Credit

If you're thinking of getting a loan or line of credit the Financial Analyzer Report is an excellent tool because it uses the same financial ratios and formulas as the bank would in determining whether or not to grant credit. It allows you to identify expenses that are higher than your industry’s averages and make the necessary changes before you apply for a loan.

3) Buy or Sell a Business

The Financial Analyzer Report provides important data if you are thinking of buying or selling a business. This report includes the same formulas the Small Business Administration uses to value a business for a loan. It also calculates the future value of business.

Send Your Financial Information Securely

Please send at least 2 years of financial statements or tax returns to us using our secure file transfer system.