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Business Valuation Services

Business Valuations

At Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting we offer business valuation services for manufacturing and distribution businesses. We understand that your company may seek a business valuation to minimize risk when considering buying or selling a manufacturing business and we’re fully qualified to assist you. We are Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) so we always uphold the highest standards in determining the value of a business.

First, we methodically analyze financial data including tangible and intangible assets. Then we consider how your industry and other economic factors affect the overall value. We carefully scrutinize all this information to accurately calculate the current business value.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A reliable business valuation is a critical component in formulating a deal for the sale or purchase of any manufacturing or distribution business. A business valuation conducted by Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting will assist in negotiations and facilitate the best outcome for both parties.

Financial Due Diligence

When considering a merger or acquisition buyers and sellers need to carefully weigh the risks and advantages associated with the business. We help manufacturing businesses get a clear picture of the financial implications of buying or selling a business to avoid costly mistakes.

Purchase Price Allocation

How you allocate the purchase price of a business can have a significant impact on taxes and profits. Only an accounting firm that truly understands the complexities of business valuation can determine how to allocate assets when a business is acquired.

Economic Loss Analysis Before and After

Economic loss can occur due to flooding, fires or other damaging events. We can analyze the situation and prepare economic loss reports detailing the financial implications. The value of a business plays an integral role in this reporting so we carefully interpret the financial data and deliver conclusions that best represent the state of your business.

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